Fee is taken via a monthly direct debit of £7.36

One bicycle per plan.

All labour costs are covered within the monthly direct debit providing parts are replaced when required.  For example, if servicing the brakes requires new brake pads in order to improve the braking, the brake pads must be replaced for the labour cost to be covered by the service plan.  All replacement parts must be purchased via the store, unless agreed with store manager (notice will be made on your account if this is the case).

Minimum term of agreement is 12 months.

Cancelling agreement -

Please contact the store if you need to cancel this agreement.  For example, moving from the area.  You may be required to cover the difference of any work that has already been carried out.  If your total payment in fees is more than the work carried out, this can be credited to your account.

Prices wil remain for duration of contract.

Bicycles must be collected within 7 days of notification of completion to avoid £5 per day storage charge.

For further questions, please email the accounts department - accounts@cyclecanterbury.com