Bike fitting at Canterbury Cycle Centre

We currently offer 2 bike fitting options using the 'Purely Custom Precision Fit' jig.

2D fit £120 

3D fit £150 (includes assessment of insole requirements and knee alignment)

We use a 'Purely Custom' fitting jig which allows us to measure at what angle your leg is when at it's strongest, how fast your muscles are firing, and how long for.  Only by knowing this information can we then obtain the optimum angle of the crank arm in relation to your peak force.  Getting the most effecient position is not just key for performance, but also for comfort - The greater the force being delivered to the rear wheel, means we have less feedback to your hips, resulting in less wotk for your upper body to counter.  Whilst a strong core is key, we want your upper body to fatigue at the same rate - avoiding that domino affect of muscle groups fatiguing, leading to poor form and discomfort.

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